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Buildings with Character, Uniqueness and Consistency.
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ArchiPlan - Architectural design and construction firm

The firm ‘ArchiPlan’ was established by the architect Anastasios Kritsiotis in 2005, aiming to combine the architectural inspiration with functionality and sustainability. The firm is based in Athens and provides services in the field of architectural design and building construction. Since 2008 its activities have expanded in Evia island by establishing a branch in Eretria.

ArchiPlan specializes in architectural studies, building supervision and construction, restoration, renovation, store operating approvals and interior design.

The Firm’s philosophy is to create efficient buildings by meeting economic, social and ecologic objectives. Special attention is given to the construction of viable and sustainable spaces. Elements of bioclimatic architecture and sources of renewable energy are integrated into buildings.

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Architectural services

ArchiPlan provides complete architectural services of Schematic design and Architectural Study through Construction administration. Company’s collaboration with other disciplines of engineers and construction companies guaranties the production of a high quality work.This is some text!This is some text!This is someThis is some textThis is some textThis is some text

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Restoration- Adaptive Reuse

The work of ArchiPlan demonstrates a high commitment to the environment and cultural heritage that is expressed in its involvement with restoration and adaptive reuse of historic and traditional buildings. We focus on adapting older structures to new uses and upgrading buildings to meet modern standards without disrupting the character, time has given to them.

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ArchiPlan is aware of the constant need for renovating commercial and residential spaces in order to cover new aesthetical and functional necessities. Our services include interior space design, furniture and color selection, 3d representations as well as installations configuration.This is some text!This is some text!This is some text!This is some text!This is some text!

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Building Construction

Βy having vast experience in the field of construction, constant collaboration with specialized workshops and cooperation with highly qualified engineers and specialties, ArchiPlan ensures the construction of each project on time, within the estimated cost. This is some text!This is some text!This is someThis is some text!This is someThis is some text!This is some

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Engineer’s affirmation relating to arbitrary constructions

ArchiPlan undertakes the issuing of engineer’s affirmation concerning the legality or illegality of any construction in accordance to the law N.4178/13. Owners of arbitrary structures are allowed to keep them for 30 years after paying a fine. This is some text!This is This is some text!This is some text!This is some text!This is some text!

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