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  • Architectural Designs- Building permit- Store function permit – Music Reproduction permit

Architectural Designs- Building permit- Store function permit – Music Reproduction permit

Architectural Designs

The development of an architectural study seeks to resolve functional problems of buildings while expressing human needs in the space.

Architectural study embraces building design, home decoration and landscaping. All regulations concerning building construction and installations are taken under consideration during planning. ArchiPlan considers that architectural design is the most essential phase of building construction. During this phase the layout of the space takes form while the needs and requirements of customers are fulfilled.

Building permit

The building permit is a complex process which involves the conduction of engineering studies and the approval of several public authorities. Complete designs and studies ensure the quality of the construction. ArchiPlan collaborates with specialized engineers and workshops, while having the right equipment for completing the required studies. The company can conduct every phase of building permit providing high quality structures.

The building permit’s process varies according to the content and size of work. Procedure
  • Bring us photographs and a site plan of your property, as long as there.
  • We discuss about your needs and requirements.
  • We present you the draft plans of the house (floor and photorealistic plans).
  • We give you a draft contract containing the cost of studies according to your requirements.
  • We visit the site and make any changes needed to the plans.
  • During the time required to issue the building permit (2 to 3 months) we conclude every study needed and we define the materials, furniture and interior design.
  • After completing the process of building permit, we start the construction of the building. The structure will be erected by our company within the predetermined time.
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Store use permit

Almost every business activity and the building hosting it, requires special authorizations. Driven by the intention of minimizing business risk, ArchiPlan provides guidance in choosing the appropriate space, equipment and decoration. ArchiPlan conducts the required studies and collects supporting documents, applications and files so as to issue the necessary approvals for the smooth functioning of business.

Music reproduction permit

Άδεια Χρήσεως και Music reproduction permit is a special permission issued by municipalities on behalf of a person (physical or legal) owning a store where music is reproduced by using musical instruments and stereo equipment.

ArchiPlan undertakes the sound insulation study as well as all necessary actions for the music reproduction permit.