The Company

The firm ‘ArchiPlan’ was established by the architect Anastasios Kritsiotis in 2005, aiming to combine the architectural inspiration with functionality and sustainability. The firm is based in Athens and provides services in the field of architectural design and building construction. Since 2008 its activities have expanded in Evia island by establishing a branch in Eretria.

ArchiPlan specializes in architectural studies, building supervision and construction, restoration, renovation, store operating approvals and interior design.

The Firm’s philosophy is to create efficient buildings by meeting economic, social and ecologic objectives. Special attention is given to the construction of viable and sustainable spaces. Elements of bioclimatic architecture and sources of renewable energy are integrated into buildings.

Constant update of the company members, regarding new techniques, technologies and innovative materials, guarantees the creation of contemporary projects of every scale in a responsible way, with consistency and aesthetic integrity. ArchiPlan provides solutions and suggestions compatible with the needs and the most demanding requirements of each user.

Human resources of the company consist of experienced and skilled engineers of several disciplines. Company’s long experience and extensive archives in the field of building construction are the pledge of delivering complete contemporary services of architecture, supervision and construction.


  ArchiPlan designs buildings with strong and unique character. Our main aim is the preservation of human qualities in morphology, scale and materials. Core components of our design are simple, modern lines witch are integrated friendly in the contexts. At the same time the environmental imprint of each project is essential. Adapting to the climate of the region and utilizing renewable sources of energy resume our practices. ArchiPlan assimilates technics and technologies from a wide range of contemporary practices trying to deliver sustainable buildings with efficient energy behavior. Innovative and traditional materials are used with modern methods and techniques. The key role throughout the design process, from the initial conception to the project completion, is the fulfillment of users’ requirements. Another important issue is the detail of each design and structure which is ensured through constant supervision during construction.

Cost Control

ArchiPlan designs buildings with determined cost and delivering time. In the beginning of the project detailed plans of expenses are organized. These plans are updated during construction. Predesigned, detailed, construction plans protect structure from the continuous changes of the cost.


ArchiPlan plans buildings of high aesthetic and technical quality. The company collaborates with specialized, experienced engineers of continuous technical training. Innovative materials, new techniques and technologies are incorporated into buildings. All projects are supervised constantly during construction so as to ensure quality and safety. ArchiPlan’s aim is to create functionally stunning structures, with high quality, within firm deadlines.